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In the overwhelming aftermath of a home or business fire, it can be difficult to know where to start. Turn to the experienced fire damage professionals at Priority 1 Restoration Services to help you restore your property and get back on your feet. We take emergency calls any time of day or night. Just reach out.

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Fire damage often involves both cleanup and reconstruction. At Priority 1, we do it all.

How Do Fires Affect Your Property?

Fires are particularly damaging to your property because they attack it in multiple ways at the same time. 

Smoke & Soot Damage

Smoke and soot leave behind a layer of toxic residue on the surfaces of your home. This residue contains chemicals that break down the surfaces it comes in contact with, leading to structural damage. 

Heat & Flame Damage

The high temperatures of fires can cause building materials to warp or melt. It can also cause paint discoloration and bubbling.

Water Damage

Fire extinguishment, while necessary, often leaves behind water damage that also needs to be addressed. Water damage can cause structural damage and mold growth over time if left unaddressed.

Since fire damage is so multi-faceted and complex, fire damage restoration can be complicated. It’s best to entrust it to trained professionals like Priority 1 Restoration Services. Just give us a call.

Fire Damage Reconstruction Services

Property fires can leave parts of your home unsalvageable and in need of reconstruction. There’s no need to worry about finding another contractor to help you out with that step. Priority 1 is a full-service company that offers both fire damage cleanup and reconstruction services.


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Prioritize Safety by Leaving Fire Damage Cleanup to Professionals

The danger of fire doesn’t stop when the flames are extinguished. After suffering structural damage, your building may be unsafe for you to enter. Lingering soot and smoke contain chemicals that are dangerous for your health. 

Don’t risk your health or safety. Ask Priority 1 Restoration Services to help you restore your home. Our team is trained in fire damage cleanup best practices. We also have specialized equipment we use to protect ourselves from any harm while we are working. Give our team a call.

Emergency Board-Up

Fires can leave your property exposed to the elements and theft. Priority 1’s emergency board-up services secure your property. We’re here whenever you need us. Just give us a call.