Expert Water Damage Restoration Services In Springfield, MA

Water damage restoration services might be needed for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your sink overflowed, you encountered a sewage backup, or your house flooded due to natural phenomena. All of these incidents could lead to water damage that a professional water restoration service needs to take care of. However, with each of these different water-related incidents comes different categories of water damage: clean, gray, and black water damage. Some of these types of water damage are more dangerous than others, while some are more complicated to take care of and involve more steps. You must know what these types of water damage are if they put you in immediate danger and how a water damage restoration service may proceed in taking care of these different types of water damage. water damage restoration springfield ma

Clean Water Damage

Preferably, a person would do everything needed to avoid water damage in their house. Still, if the issue were to occur, clean water damage would be the preferable problematic situation. Clean water damage, also known as category one water damage, is precisely what it sounds like: water damage from a sanitary water source that will not harm you if you come into contact with it. This water damage often comes from sources such as rain or melted snow, leaky roofs, overflowing tubs or sinks, broken water lines, and uncontaminated toilet water holding tanks, among many other origins. When restoring your house from clean water damage, the main focus is to have your home dried out thoroughly. If it’s not properly dried, mold and bacteria may begin growing as soon as 24-48 hours, or it might start to destroy the structure of your home. A professional water damage restoration company has the proper equipment and knowledge to completely extract the water from your house and dry your home of any moisture left behind. Just make sure to get it done as quickly as possible to avoid further issues.

Gray Water Damage

Gray water damage, otherwise known as category two water damage, is water damage that comes from an unclean source. This water damage might be dangerous to a human, but not overly so. If you come across most gray water, it can be simply washed with soap and water. Some sources of this water damage might include leaky appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers, toilets without contaminants such as urine and feces, and aquariums. Gray water can also transpire if clean water damage is left for a day without treatment. Although this water damage requires the same water removal and drying techniques as clean water damage, it also includes some extra steps. It’s imperative to have anything that comes into contact with gray water removed from your home or disinfected if possible. Your home must also be disinfected anywhere the water comes into contact. A professional water restoration service will have access to the proper tools and some specific cleaning products that will thoroughly disinfect your house while being safe to use in your home.

Black Water Damage

Black water damage, otherwise known as category three water damage, is highly dangerous to humans if one comes into contact with it, as it often contains feces or other things that may spread pathogens or toxic materials to your home. This type of water damage may come from sewage backups, floods, water from the sea or rivers, or any water that may contain bodily excrement. It’s very important that you don’t try to take care of black water damage yourself. It’s best to stay clear of it altogether to avoid getting extremely sick. Even breathing fumes coming from black water can be highly dangerous to a person. Contact a professional water damage restoration service to have your house dried thoroughly, cleared of water, disinfected, and decontaminated. They’ll also be able to repair your home of any unsalvageable damage from the black water.

There are a multitude of water damage categories that might befall your home. However, one thing is true no matter the type of water damage you are dealing with: it’s a good idea to have the water damage in your Springfield home looked at by a professional water damage restoration specialist. If you’re looking for a water damage restoration specialist to help you in your water damage restoration endeavors, contact a professional such as Priority 1 Restoration to aid you. Remember, if you’re unsure if the water damage you’re dealing with is a hazard to your health, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.