4 Reasons Why You Should Not Wait To Repair Water Damage In Your Home

water damage restoration westfieldMany homeowners experience some form of water damage, whether due to rain and snow, burst pipes, or broken appliances. It can be a pain to have to deal with, and you might be tempted to put off your water damage repairs until it is more convenient for you. However, water damage can cause a lot of other problems for your home, and you should not wait until later to get it taken care of. 

Water Damage Restoration—Westfield, Massachusetts

Here are four reasons why you should handle your water damage repairs now instead of later.

1. Water Damage Leads To Mold

After water damage has taken place, mold can begin to form in as little as twenty-four hours. Mold is another pesky problem to have in your home. Mold affects the air you breathe and can cause serious health problems over time, especially for people with asthma, allergies, respiratory illnesses, or weakened immune systems. Mold also creates an unpleasant musty odor that you won’t want to live with, and if it is not prevented or eliminated, it will only spread. If you have water damage, do not wait for mold to begin to grow and spread to fix it; get it repaired immediately to prevent mold from forming in the first place.

2. Water Damage Will Weaken The Materials That Make Up Your Home

Water damage can be caused by a lot of different things, so there are a lot of places in your home that can be affected by it. Water can seep deep through the layers of your carpeting, leaving water stains and causing mold to form. It can get underneath tiling or hardwood, warping or damaging it and making it lose its adhesive. It can ruin drywall and insulation, soften wood, damage paint, and even cause cracks in the foundation. These problems only grow over time. It is much safer for your home to take care of water damage immediately than to wait until later.

3. Water Damage Can Be Dangerous

We have already mentioned how water damage can affect the materials your home is made of, but it can also be very dangerous to live with unrepaired water damage. If water gets into outlets or any of the electric wiring in your house, it becomes a fire hazard. Water that comes from overflowing toilets or broken appliances can contain dangerous bacteria and chemicals that you do not want to be around or come in contact with. Water damage repair and restoration is important in protecting yourself, your home, and your family.

4. Water Damage Will Only Get More Expensive Over Time

One of the biggest reasons people wait to take care of water damage is that they do not want to pay a professional water damage restoration company to come in. However you may think you’re saving money, but if water damage leads to any of these other problems in your home, the repairs will only become bigger renovation projects that cost even more money. It is much more affordable to fix the problem now than to have to repair or replace damaged materials in your home later.

If you have water damage in your Westfield home, do not wait until later to get it repaired. Call Priority 1 Restoration to take care of your water damage restoration needs. They will help you keep your home safe and give you peace of mind.